A holistic nutritionist for today’s busy woman or man trying to do it all and stay healthy and fit.
Educate yourself about organic food, supplements, antioxidants, menu planning, diets, and what specific nutrition you need for age, stage and body shape. We build an ongoing relationship as you grow and change throughout your life to keep you fit, balanced, nourished during your lifetime. Sessions can be virtual or in person weekly, monthly, seasonally to make sure you’re staying on track to meet your health goals. We plan a strategy you can fit into your current lifestyle, sports training, yoga, pilates, and core routine.

There is a health knowledge revolution happening right now. Information about our food chain, air, water, and food being contaminated with toxins from chemicals, hormones, additives, food dyes, synthetic ingredients, foreign bacteria, parasites, viruses etc. is hot on the topics of conversations, and in the news. You’re thinking about starting to shop at your local health food store, local farmers market, eating better, eating organic, and trying to make healthier choices. You try to read the thousands of books, magazines, and online articles, but family, career, errands and just day to day living takes priority most of the time. But it’s just too much and you don’t have time to become an expert.
Not enough time to meet in person? Live far away?

We talk by phone and email correspondence no matter where you live.  Supplements are drop shipped directly to you. Contact us and learn more!


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