"My regular yoga sessions with Meg have strengthened and toned my body, and her knowledge of nutrition has been an amazing complement to the yoga and my overall well being. I can't wait for the days she comes to my house."

Robin B, Producer, Los Angeles

"My nutritionist Meg helped me lose 6 pounds by eating healthier and personalizing my nutrition plan. Her knowledge and encouragement keep me motivated to watch what I eat and stay focused. Also, our e mail exchange keeps me on track and is very informative."

Judy F, Los Angeles

"Meg has taught me yoga for 10 years and has been a great influence and teacher of nutrition for me. I've learned so much about supplements and foods from Meg, I go to her for the most current nutrition information for my health. And I refer her to my friends whenever I can."

dana, Producer, Los Angeles

"When I came to Meg I felt tired, fatigued, and basically imbalanced and out of whack.  My caffeine and sugar cravings were out of control thanks to a diet that was okay for the most part but filled with coffee, sweets and a hectic schedule.

Through a combination of better food choices and proper supplements my mood and energy levels began to stabilize.  I was able to kick my coffee habit (unbelievable to me!) and transition to less caffeinated teas.  Now coffee is like a treat rather than something I need for energy. 

Meg kept me motivated and encouraged me to cook at home more.  I even bought a steamer and a recipe organizer.  I feel like I view food and beverages now more as nourishment.  Meg’s positive energy and holistic approach keep you on track! I feel like a much more informed person who’s better in charge of my diet habits rather than them being in control of me."

Serene G, Reporter, Los Angeles

"The nutrition program Meg suggested was not only a healthy, balanced and chemical free approach to eating, but it was also custom made to suit my body, my lifestyle, and my personal goals.  Meg was very thoughtful about putting together a plan that would really stabilize my entire body, making the plan more sustainable in the long run.  The program made me feel much more in control of my diet and caused an overall body shrinkage.  I would definitely recommend Meg to anyone who was serious about losing weight in a health conscious way."

Jamie, Financial Advisor, NY


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